Puffy To Finance Mike Tyson/Lennox Lewis Fight?

AllHipHop Staff

According to the Washington Post, Sean

Combs may wear another hat in business, this time not the music or

clothing business, but the boxing business. According to sources, Combs was

asked to invest about $13 million into the upcoming Mike Tyson/Lennox Lewis

fight, scheduled to take place in June at the MCI center in Washington, D.C.

"I personally don't know anything about it, but there could be other people

[representing Tyson] who approached him," promoter Shelly Finkel said.

Finkel had been meeting with representatives from HBO and Showtime, after concerns

were raised about the show's financing. "I wouldn't read anything into

that," Finkel said. "There was no opposition expressed [by the Lewis camp] about having the fight in Washington. The financing is not in place yet,

but it's close. We hope to have it wrapped up over the weekend.

Sean Combs fortune is worth almost $250 million


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I knew that they did not have enough fund to finance the fight so they were looking for their options with forbrukslån. I am sure it would have been one of the most iconic matches.