Pure Pain Ordered To Cease Camoflauge CD Sales

Pure Pain Records has been ordered to cease selling Camoflauge's albums, due to a dispute with the slain rapper's mother.Tammie Greene claims that the label has not provided her with an adequate accounting for three albums and a DVD the rapper released.Greene filed a lawsuit against the label last month, alleging that Camoflauge's estate has not received any royalties since he was gunned down in Savannah, Georgia last year, as he walked with his toddler son."They're selling them from the vehicle, which has my sons picture all over it," Greene said. "My son has two children and I feel if there's money to be made, he would want it to go to his children."A judge halted the album sales, ruling an uncertified financial statement submitted by the label claiming losses of over $200,000 in 2002 and 2004, was not valid.A spokesperson for Pure Pain said the albums weren't moving as many units is it appears and that the rapper's material may be being bootlegged.According to the spokesperson, Pure Pain is still operating at a loss, due to the production of Camoflauge's latest album, Keepin' It Real.