Pursuit of Fly: “Never Throw Clothes Away”

The Salvation Army isn’t going to like what I am going to say, but I have to say it. If

you really want to stay fly, don’t throw any of your clothing away. My

closets are overflowing with clothes, sneakers, jerseys, jackets and

other such great clothing. Oh, I forgot to mention - much of it is five

or more years old! Allow me to explain...and offer several pictures to prove my point.You know, I believe fashion is like sweet

revenge, what comes around, goes around. So, I keep my old clothing so

that I can wear it when it comes back in style. Remember that throwback

jersey craze? I have all my throwbacks. The button-up phase that Jigga

ushered in? I love my crisp button-ups! I even have a goose-down jacket

from the mid-90’s. Remember how Phat Farm used to make the matching

jean jackets with the jeans? I still have that. In fact, that’s

reminiscent of the manner Run DMC and Jam Master Jay used to dress -

classic! Yes, that is another point - buy classic clothing.

All you dudes buying these crazy unique hoodies? Oh yeah, man, I like

them too, but can you really rock that in a year? Its like milk and

that fashion will sour at some point. I advise normal people to buy the

occasional hip garment, but don’t go crazy. At that point, you are

simply wasting money, when you could apply that to a house, a business

or merely stacking paper.I don’t throw anything away, but I

take care of my clothing. I get it dry cleaned. I don’t wear it all

that much so most of it stays relatively fresh, even t-shirts. I have a

lot of clothing, because I know where to cop. (Remember shop at places

that sell name brands at discount prices!) So, I’m retaining clothes

like water on a chubby girl. But, I’m in there!As for the

Salvation Army, I give, but not at much as I would like to offer.

However, there will always be an influx of gear from all these people

that continuously buy the flyest, trendiest clothing of our times. When

I give, I will ensure that the needy people don’t look out of fashion.

So that my point is clear, observe the images below.

One of these guys has been wearing the same hoodie for 40 years and the other won't be able to wear his another day. Some fashions might be different, but they don't make sense, dude (unless you are studying bear life for Outdoors magazine)!

One of these women will be considered a fashion icon and the other will never be laughed at. Lil' Kim is the icon in fashion (with the giant c-toe) and Gabrielle Union is the one that generally plays it safe with classy classic looks.

Can you see why I never wore Cross Colours gear back in the day? You look crazy in the future! These guys were the shiznit for one day with all these damn colors!

See, Dr. Jay in the 80's & was a class act. Guess what will never go out of style even though throwbacks are not in style? His Sixers jersey. I have one!

“Pursuit of Fly” is AHH columnist illseed’s column for the fashionably challenged.