Push To Keep Em Out Heats Up


Liberal politician and a family lobby group are still calling

on the Australian government to keep Eminem

out of the country later this month, when his tour is set

to land.

Peter Slipper,

who is a member of Prime Minister John Howard's Liberal

Party, said on Monday he had written to Howard asking that

Eminem be banned from Australia.


is no way the Australian government should allow those who

pray on the disenchanted and disillusioned youth of Australia

to visit our country and promote a culture of drugs, violence

and foul language,'' Slipper said.

The Australian

Family Association was the first to request Eminem be denied

entry, claiming his lyrics are violent, homophobic and misogynistic.

Prime Minister

John Howard said the decision to keep Em out of the country

was not his to make, but he did comment, "You cannot

have these constantly gratuitous exhortations to violence

and not expect some impact, some consequences, some spin-off.

I've got to say the lyrics of Eminem are sickening.''

It has been

announced that Eminem will address his Australian critics.

Sources state that Eminem has scheduled a press conference

in Melbourne on July 26th to discuss the controversy. He

plays in Melbourne that night and Sydney on July 27th.