Pusha T Calls Kanye's Favorite "Make America Great Again" Hat The New KKK Hood

Pusha T states Kanye and him “disagree on plenty of s##t.”

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Pusha T has had one hell of a year.

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper recently sat down and spoke with The Guardian about the dynamic working with his mentor, Kanye West, as well as the expectations that came with the release of his most recent project, Daytona.

During the exclusive interview, King Push reminds fans of his presence beyond music, particularly taking a strong political stance along with the rest of the people.

Although he stands loyal to Kanye, it’s Ye’s endorsement of Donald Trump along with his running slogan, “Make America Great Again,” that left the people in turmoil.

Push stated, “The ‘Make America Great Again’ hat is this generation’s Ku Klux Klan hood.

When was America so great anyways? Name that time period?” He proceeded to admit both of them “disagree on plenty of s##t,” including West’s controversial statements saying slavery being a choice.

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Mook Nose
Mook Nose

Sit back like WTF/Pusha T work for Trump/if he kill black with laws/you kill blacks with drugs/you kill blacks with talk/they tryna live like Push/you brought a couple hundred thousand more to the system/he support laws to keep em there til they spirits/all for riches/very similar/to house negros/who brought the whip out for kinfolk/instead of using it to get him choked/just so they could live like "massa"/but you in the hood with crack sells/take off your Hood or MAGA hat clown/Zimmerman killed 1 ninja/how many did your drug dealings or influencing/how many did Jigga's/MJ was Bad enough to intimate it after Thriller/want to make a change you need to look in the mirror