Pusha T Goes To Google In D.C. To Advocate For Prison Reform

AllHipHop Staff

Pusha T continues to fight the prison industrial complex in the United States.

(AllHipHop News) G.O.O.D Music President and activist Pusha T presented a private screening with actor David Arquette for the Matthew Cooked-directed film “A Survivors Guide to Prison.”

"Survivors Guide To Prison" follows the stories of individuals who spent year after year in prison for crimes they didn't commit.

The screening took place at Google in Washington D.C. to bring awareness to criminal justice reform.

Pusha attended the event with Tony Lewis Jr., a community activist, and son of an ex-kingpin, who wrote the book "Slugg: A Boy’s Life in the Age of Mass Incarceration."

Members of the panel included director Matthew Cooke, producer David Arquette, Kevin Ring, Topeka K Sam, activist Luis Cardona, and others.