Q-Parker Does Something Unusual for Today's R&B - He Sings!

AllHipHop Staff

R&B singer and former 112-member Q Parker is back in the studio creating new music, like the new "Yes", a '90s-inspired track that smoothly showcases the crooner's vocals.

In our most recent interview with Q Parker, he reveals he's releasing his Southern hospitality this time around:

"I’m an ATL-born, bred, Southern gentlemen. I’m a romantic at heart, and I make my music for women, and I believe that women need a go-to-guy. They need a guy, a male artist, that’s making music for them. Forget trying to be in the club, forget trying to pop bottles, but just really sing and croon, for the women. They’re lacking that."

"Too many times, as R&B artists, our main focus is what’s going on the other side within the Hip-Hop industry. We have to go get this rapper and be in the club, put them up in the VIP and all that kind of stuff, whereas, we’re leaving these women still wanting more from male artists. I took all that into consideration and I said, 'You know what? I’m going to be their go-to-guy.' When they hear my records, they know it’s going to be designed specifically for them," Q Parker added.

With the single "Yes" picking up steam, that could secure a soon release for Q Parker's The MANual. We need it. R&B needs it. Music needs it.