Q-Tip Launches Label

The reclusive Q-tip is set to reappear into public consciousness soon with not only a possible A Tribe Called Quest reunion, but with the formation of his own record imprint: Abstract Artworks.

The imprint is a deal with Dreamworks Records who Tip—author of Industry Rule 4080—seems to be enthusiastic to work with, at least in theory.

"It's intriguing to be at one of the last independent labels and to have the opportunity to build something and really grow a real relationship," he told Billboard.

The demure rapper will be working on developing two solo artists he has signed, Atoinique and Keon Bryce, as well as finishing up his next solo project titled “Open.”

As for the ATCQ reunion, Tip told Billboard the release of "Hits, Rarities, and Remixes," by Jive Records—recording home to the group--continues to be a watershed.

"The good people at Jive thought it fit to put out an album that was unauthorized by us with some material that we never intended to come out, but they did. I guess once they come say 'sorry' to us, we'll talk about when we'll put it out."