Q-Tip Speaks On New Album


now and then, a legendary Hip-Hop artist goes through

a transformation and changes their name and attitude toward

the game. So is the case with

Q-Tip. The former Tribesman has changed his

recording name to Kamaal (he changed his legal name to

Kamaal a few years ago) and will drop his album, Kamaal

The Abstract on October 23. The album is said to be "a

rare mix of hip-hop, rock, jazz and funk."


is music I always wanted to create, something that allows

me to explore all sides of myself. This music is fearless,

this band is incredible. You can't name something after

yourself unless it represents a part of you. This is ultimately

about new beginnings and taking back real music!"

In addition to the

album, Kamaal will create a film short to be the visual

portion of "The Abstract experience."