QD3 DVD Explores Origins Of 'The MC'

Quincy Jones III (QD3) is releasing his fifth Hip-Hop documentary, “The

MC: Why We Do It,” next month.

The 80-minute DVD focuses on the transformation of rap from it’s earliest

days and is part of a 12-part documentary series that Jones’ production

company QD3 Entertainment is producing.

The DVD is

narrated by Mekki Phifer and the film traces Hip-Hop's origins from Jamaica,

to the Bronx up to the present.

"Hip-Hop culture

has had tremendous impact on the mainstream and generates billions of dollars

in the music, fashion, film and television industries," QD3 said. "’’The

MC and the other titles that we are releasing examine where this culture came

from, why it exists and who its leaders are. My goal is to accurately preserve

the history of hip-hop culture as well as to humanize the genre by telling these

stories with respect and integrity."

The documentary is directed by Academy Award nominated director Peter Sprier,

who was the eye behind two of the “Beef” DVD’s as well as

“Thug Angel.”

"With each of these films we are closely examining an aspect of hip-hop

culture," Sprier added. "'Thug Angel' explored the life of a rap icon

(Tupac Shakur), the 'Beef' films explains the underlying reasons for feuds in

the rap world and 'The MC' lets legendary rappers reflect on the MCs origins,

inspirations and metamorphoses into the most prominent element in the hip-hop


"'The MC'" focuses on one of the four elements of hip-hop culture,

which includes deejaying, break-dancing, graffiti art and the MC.

The film features interviews with Rakim, KRS-One, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Big Daddy

Kane, Kool Moe Dee, Method Man, Common, Guru, Biggie, The Clipse, Nas, Snoop

Dogg, Kool Herc and many others.

"The MC" is slated to hit stores February 1st on QD3/Image Entertainment.