Quan Explains Why He Believes Nas Is A Great Artist, But Not A Great Businessman (VIDEO)

Ten years ago Queens emcee Nas released the song “Just A Moment” which featured his then protégé Quan.

(AllHipHop News) The L.E.S.-produced track was one of the standout cuts on Street’s Disciple, and it helped introduce the man also known as Don Ferquan to the public.

Quan recently sat down with Mikey T The Movie Star to discuss his past business relationship with Nas. The Connecticut/Virginia bred singer/rapper explained why he signed a production deal with Esco but decided against inking with his mentor as an artist.

“I didn’t like the relationship that Nas had with Sony. I knew he was going to leave, so I opted to go with Atlantic. Plus, they were willing to pay me a whole other check on top of everything else they were willing to pay already,” said Quan. “They wanted to piggyback me behind Nas on his promotion. Nas is a great artist, but he’s not a great businessman. This is where different fallouts happen.”

According to Quan, he and Nas were always fine on a personal level, but business caused them to part ways. His Atlantic deal was supposedly for $2.2 million, and Nas earned $220,000 from the signing. Quan also claims his former mentor wanted him to sign a 7-album deal and was trying to secure 50% of his publishing.

“I remember us beefing over that,” Quan added. “‘No, you’re not getting 50% of my publishing. You shouldn’t get none of my motherf*cking publishing. I just sold you a hit record. I didn’t cost nobody no money. I made money for everybody. The f*ck you mean you want 50% of my publishing. N*gga, you crazy.'”

Watch Quan’s interview and the video for “Just A Moment” below.