Quavo Pays Up In Dispute With Eric The Jeweler

AllHipHop Staff

The celebrity jeweler says everything is cool between him and Quavo, now that he's gotten paid.

(AllHipHop News) Migos group member Quavo has ended his beef with a celebrity jeweler.

NYPD detectives wanted to question Quavo over a post-Grammy brawl with Eric the Jeweler, which went down outside of 1Oak in late January.

Quavo allegedly attacked Eric, after the jeweler attempted to collect on a $10,000 debt he was owed.

Over the weekend, the two men met up and settle their differences, and Quavo forked over the $10,000 debt he owed.

"Just for the record since the media likes to put things in their own words and elevate things that aren't really true to another level," Eric the Jeweler said.

"I am not suing or pressing charges, the media got it all twisted it was all just a big misunderstanding. We are on good terms and back to conducting business as usual, " according to Eric the Jeweler.

Eric the Jeweler posted a picture of himself next to Quavo, to prove his point.

Take a look: