Quavo's Lawyer Brushes Off Possible Assault Charge Against The Rapper

Quavo should be in the clear over a fight in New York.

(AllHipHop News) An attorney for Migos group member Quavo is denying claims his client is going to be arrested.

The cops are reportedly preparing to issue a warrant for Quavo's arrest, after an altercation with Eric the Jeweler on Grammy night.

But the rap star's lawyer Drew Findling said surveillance footage from 1 OAK reveals Quavo was just a bystander, as two men assaulted the celebrity jeweler, who claims he also lost a $30,000 chain in the tussle.

However, Drew Findling said surveillance camera footage revealed Eric walked in with his chain and left with it after the altercation as well.

Drew Findling said he is confident Quavo will be cleared of any possible charges in regards to the beatdown.

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