Quavo Turning Childhood Home Into Charity House

Quavo is doing some good for his old home town.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Quavo is aiming to turn his childhood home in Atlanta, Georgia into a place for kids in need.

The Migos star recently completed a full renovation of his old house in the hopes of giving back to members of his local community.

"I want to put kids (in the home) from Gwinnett (County in Georgia) who don't have a good home or (have a) single parent who is sick and unable to work," he tells The Associated Press.

The "MotorSport" hitmaker, real name Quavious Keyate Marshall, admits his own personal experience of having to take care of an ailing parent while juggling school responsibilities is part of the motivation behind his charitable deed.

"I couldn't play football my eighth-grade year because my mom had a staph infection," he reveals. "Stuff like that can mess up a kid's mind and make them feel like they're not good enough (at school).

"I want to put like, three or four kids in the house and let them go to my old school. I want to give them spiritual inspiration."

Quavo has also been doing his part to bring joy to youths in other cities in the U.S., holding his Huncho Hoops basketball tournament in Los Angeles on Monday, when kids were invited to enjoy the sporting festivities, which featured celebrity appearances.

"I'm happy to bring this idea into physical form," he says. "These are my dreams that I want to do for the kids. Just for myself as an artist, I really wanted to touch the people. So instead of taking pictures all day, I want to throw functions for them."

Expanding on his efforts to serve as a role model to younger generations, he adds: "I just want to be a big bro, like a mentor to the people following my footsteps. I know both worlds - I know how it is to be a musician and trying to play ball. I know how it is for a kid in high school trying to make it but you don't and you need another plan. I know how to be a star and control stardom. And once you get there, staying humble, learning how to practice and being focused (is the key)."