Queen Latifah Gets Hit With Lawsuit Over Reality Show "From The Bottom Up"

The Queen is accused of ripping off a reality show.

(AllHipHop News) Officials at Queen Latifah's production company have been slapped with legal action over the idea for their reality show "From The Bottom Up."

Latosha Lee claims the series, which airs on U.S. network BET, is a rip off of a show she pitched to TV executives six years ago.

In legal papers, her lawyer states, "In 2013, Lee conceived a novel idea for a reality television show called "Real Life Cinderellas of Atlanta."

The project was said to "focus on the daily lives of women who had gone through publicized scandals and were seeking redemption," and would feature five "African-American quasi-celebrity women living in Atlanta, Georgia who have all experienced media scandals and working toward turning their lives around."

Lee argues that she began production on the series and even sent a sizzle reel to top network chiefs and producers, including employees at BET, but after initially showing some interest, they failed to follow up on the idea.

It was only when the plaintiff heard that BET bosses had optioned "From the Bottom Up" from Latifah's company that she realized the striking similarities in the plot, and now she is suing representatives at both firms for all profits made from the series, which has had three seasons to date.

She is also seeking an injunction to halt the airing of the show.

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