Queen Latifah Helps Usher in National Women's Confidence Day, New Curvation Project


Queen Latifah was on hand yesterday (June 7) to welcome the arrival of the first

annual National Women's Day on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C.

Latifah, along

with the YWCA USA, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) and VF Intimates'

Curvation(R) brand, acknowledged the day, which helps raise awareness for, and

celebrate the positive impact of confidence in women's personal and professional


In addition to

the Day, Latifah, Maloney and YWCA USA CEO Peggy Sanchez Mills held a press

conference to launch the Curvation Project Confidence YWCA Educational Outreach

Program, a multi-faceted program designed to give women the tools and information

needed to build their personal confidence and self-esteem.

The national program,

which targets women over age 18, will be held at YWCA's across the country.

"I'm so proud

to be here today to celebrate National Women's Confidence Day and the launch

of the Curvation Project Confidence YWCA Educational Outreach Program because

I have always felt strongly about empowering women," said Latifah, the

spokesperson, inspiration and creative advisor to the Curvation brand. "I'm

living proof that with confidence and by believing in yourself, you can accomplish

any goal. So, in honor of National Women's Confidence Day, I'm encouraging all

women to take the first step -- no matter how big or small -- to making their

dreams a reality."

The Curvation program

will be made up of several components, including focus groups in five major

U.S. markets; an online survey of women's beliefs, attitudes and practices pertaining

to confidence and self-esteem and the development of a 9-month curriculum and

"How-To" Kit based on findings from the research and focus groups.

The information

will be made available to 16,000 employees and volunteers in nearly 300 local

YWCA's via intranet.