Queen Latifah Honors Women Activists

Queen Latifah, a brand spokesperson and creative advisor of the Curvation Project, helped pay tribute to five women who dedicated time and energy to local women's programs.

In a taped message, Queen Latifah congratulated the five national finalists of the Curvation Project Confidence Awards, which sought to acknowledge women who have helped other women regain self-esteem.

The award recipients were: Yvonne Pointer of Cleveland; Mattie Palmore of Washington, D.C.; Lorraine Bowman of San Diego; Jillian Bullock of Philadelphia; and Kristin Bradfield of Phoenix.

"We received more than 350 nominations from around the country, filled with examples of how women are helping others to live more rewarding lives," said Queen Latifah. "While the entries were all amazing and we would love to recognize everyone, these five stood out as being both extremely inspirational and deserving of national recognition."

The five finalists will be flown to New York for an awards ceremony and will meet Queen Latifah as well as national leaders of top women's organizations who were part of the selection process.

"I credit much of who I am today to the confidence I was given as a child and the inspiration of strong, independent women like my mother and grandmother, who showed me the power of believing in myself," added Latifah. "So I'm particularly delighted to honor these finalists, who are motivating others in the same way, and look forward to meeting them in New York to share the news of who has won the national honor."

The Confidence Awards are part of the Curvation Project's Confidence Initiative, which includes the online community Curvation Nation.

More information is available at www.curvation.com.