Queen Latifah In Talks To Star In Korean Re-Make

Queen Latifah is in talks to star in a Miramax

Films remake of a south Korean action-comedy.

Latifah's version of "My Wife Is A Gangster,"

is slated to start production next year

and centers around a female mob boss (Queen Latifah) who marries a man oblivious

to her trade, in hopes that he will not ask too many questions.

In the process, he starts to figure things out

as she starts to fall in love.

Latifah, who will executive produce the flick,

is also developing another Korean remake.

"No Blood No Tears," is reported to

be another action comedy, in the tradition of "Thelma & Louise"

and "The Sting."

Latifah is also planning to release her album,

First Love, this summer.