Queen Latifah 'Just Wright'

With a new movie deal from Disney, rapper-actress,

Queen Latifah continues to ride her wave of cinematic success.

Nominated for this years Best-Supporting Actress

Academy Award for her work in "Chicago," and boasting a $31.7 million

debut for in Disney's "Bringing Down the House," Latifah is set to

star in another Disney movie, "Just Wright."

A modern day retelling of Cinderella with a basketball

theme, "Just Wright" will star Latifah as the movies lead character,

Janice Wright. Latifah will also take on production duties for the film.

"This idea came about as I watched Queen

Latifah looking great as she walked down the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

A woman in the group said, 'Why doesn't someone put her in a romantic comedy?'"

screenwriter Michael Elliot said.

"They don't usually give actresses like

Latifah those films, but as I looked around the room, most of the women there

didn't look like Halle Berry.

"It took Tom Hanks' clout to get My Big

Fat Greek Wedding made, but star Nia Vardalso proved that you don't have to

be Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan or Halle [Berry] to appeal to the real women who

identify with women like NIA or Latifah."