Queen Latifah Offers Up Strong Opinion On St. Louis Concert Cancellations

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Queen Latifah had some words to say in regards to the protests irrupt thing in St. Louis.

(AllHipHop News) Queen Latifah had some words to say in regards to the protests in St. Louis.

The Golden Globe Award-winning rapper/actress Queen Latifah offered her opinion on the political unrest currently happening in St. Louis.

The city has experienced four nights of protests after a white police officer named Jason Stockley was acquitted for the shooting of a black man named Anthony Lamar Smith and planting a gun.

As a result of the turmoil, over 80 people have been arrested and several acts have canceled shows in St. Louis since the verdict, on September 15.

U2 axed their show over the weekend, as did singer Ed Sheeran.

TMZ.com spoke with Queen Latifah, who offered up her take on the issues in St. Louis.

"We wouldn't be able to play nowhere in the country if we boycotted everyplace they disrespected us," Queen Latifah said.

According to Latifah, she would be willing to perform in St. Louis if they "get it together."

Take a look at the clip:

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Someone should explain to her that folks in St. Louis don't give a fuck about her, Ed Sheeran or U2 right now.... fuck an entertainer


She just Latifah now.