Queen Latifah Robbed For $10k Worth Of Jewelery

AllHipHop Staff

Oscar nominated rapper/singer Queen Latifah became the victim of thieves when more than $10,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from her luxury villa in Tobago on Monday (December 29).

Police investigating the incident believe the theft was an inside job that may have been committed by a member of the house and grounds staff at Stone Haven Villas, Black Rock Tobago.

According to Trinidad and Tobago’s Newsday, authorities state there was no forced entry into the villa, which reinforces the inside job theory. Latifah was in Tobago last week for the Christmas holidays.

The 35-year-old entertainer, who checked into the $1,000 a night villa under the name Cynthia Hadden, reportedly stayed at the compound with a female friend.

Police were informed of Latifah’s visit by Stone Haven management, which asked that special attention be paid to the area.

Despite having three security guards on duty around the clock, a bracelet, two gold rings, a gold chain and a silver ring were taken, as Latifah attended a barbecue brunch in her honor.

Guards conducted a search of the villa after the rapper contacted the Stone Haven manager, when she discovered the jewelry was missing.

Police were notified when the search came up empty. A statement was later taken from Latifah, who has since checked out of Stone Haven.

The rapper was reportedly upset over the theft as she stated the jewelry had a sentimental value and that she would be willing to offer a reward for its return.

Tobago police, who have conducted searches, have questioned staff assigned to the villa and Stone Haven employees.

Acting police commissioner James Philbert expressed his department’s desire to retrieve the jewelry as he told Newsday that “several searches are being carried out and the police are trying to have the jewelry returned to Queen Latifah.”

“Investigators said the larceny seems to be an inside job and efforts are being made round the clock to make a breakthrough,” he shared with the paper.