Queen Latifah's DUI Arraignment Postponed

Queen Latifah's arraignment for drunk driving

charges has been postponed until January 15. Latifah was busted last month in


Latifah was driving her 2003 Cadillac Escalde

along the Hollywood Freeway when an officer spotted her making an unsafe lane

change. Latifah failed a sobriety test and was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Latifah will star in the musical "Chicago,"

which is being shown in select cities. Latifah had a scene in the film where

she sang a duet with Catherine Zeta Jones, but the scene ended up on the cutting

room floor. According to the film's director, the scene didn't test well with

audience members in early showings.

"It was painful to cut it, but when you're

making a movie of a stage musical, songs do get eliminated," director Rob

Marshall told TV Guide.

"It bummed me out a little," Latifah

said. "I love the song and I felt it was a cool scene with Catherine and

I. But I'm here for the team, whatever makes the movie work."