Queen Pen To Bring Incarcerated Parents & Kids Together

AllHipHop Staff

Grammy nominated rapper Queen Pen has partnered with the non-profit organization Children of Promise, NYC (CPNYC) to reunite children with their imprisoned parents.

The free trips will commence this Father’s Day. According to the CPNYC, the goal of the various field trips is to allow at-risk children the opportunity “to spend these important holidays with their fathers and to help continue nurturing these important relationships.”

Along with transportation, the non-profit will supply food and games in addition to counseling for both parents and children.

To date, it is estimated that 85,000 children in New York have an incarcerated parent.

Statistically, this situation can cause significant economic and social issues with the child.

Queen Pen began participating in CPNYC fundraisers and sponsorship meetings this year.

CPNYC founder and president Sharon Content remains optimistic that more entertainers like Queen Pen will make their voices heard on this overlooked issue.

“With the support and advocacy of individuals like Queen Pen, we will be able facilitate these trips for children, many of whom haven’t seen their fathers since their incarceration,” Content stated to AllHipHop.com. “These trips foster a critical relationship that is often a missing component in helping these silent victims to develop tools for discovering new pathways, recognizing possibilities and realizing their full potential.”

For those in the New York metropolitan area with a child in need of this program, visit www.cpnyc.org.