Questlove Aiming To Take Over The Popcorn Industry With New Business

The Roots frontman is involved in a new business venture!

(AllHipHop News) Hip-hop veteran Questlove is uniting his love of food and movies by launching his own line of popcorn.

Quest has linked up with officials at U.S. retail chain Williams Sonoma to formulate his own signature collection of snacks, which highlight various seasonings and an avocado oil spray so aficionados can adjust the flavorings to their liking.

"Movies and popcorn are one of the classic pairs in Western Civilization, like Starsky and Hutch or Ashford and Simpson," he writes in a statement. "Being an avid movie-goer and huge popcorn fan, I wanted to create my own popcorn collection and give it a personal Questovian spin..."

The new line even includes a Sneakies set, made for "seasoning on the go and 'sneaking' into the movie theater."

It's not the first time Questlove has worked with Williams Sonoma bosses.

Back in 2017, Quest designed spatulas for the No Kid Hungry charity, a task he also took part in this year.