R&B New Jack Takes Hip-Hop Approach To Singing With G-Unit's Whoo-Kid

50 Cent created

his initial uproar in the music industry with "How To Rob," an imaginary

tale of 50 relieving the world's most famous rappers of their prized possessions.

Now, an R&B

upstart is taking a similar approach with one of 50's closest associates.

G-Unit's DJ Whoo-Kid

and Kev Samples, a newcomer to the R&B scene, have joined forces to proclaim

The Death of R&B, which ridicules those stars dominating the genre.

The mixtape is

a 12-song disc that parodies and disses singers like Ne-Yo, T-Pain, Ray J and

Jamie Foxx, who has worked with Whoo-Kid in the past on mixtapes.

"I am tired

of all the watered down R&B being released," said Kev Samples in a

statement. "I want to take it back to the days where people actually listened

to the lyrics and could relate to the song instead of waiting for a catchy hook."

Samples lampoons

T-Pain on "Only Tricks Love a Stripper," a take on the singer's hit

"I'mN Luv (Wit A Stripper)." He also parodies Ray J's "One Wish,"

while remaking songs by Bow Wow and Omarion and Trey Songz.