R&B Thug August Alsina Taps Lloyd for "Sucka" Remix, Video

AllHipHop Staff

Just a few months ago, when we coined singer August Alsina as "R&B's new thug", we knew his attitude, persona, and voice would attract a fanbase, and even tastemakers, within the music industry - and he has.

In his latest song and video, Alsina taps Lloyd for the "Sucka" remix, of which the original appears on his April-released mixtape, The Product.

The video opens up with a yet-to-be released track (which we can't wait to hear), and gives us a better visual of what the song is about as Alsina croons: "You're not in love you're just a 'sucka'", to the men and women who are being led to believe they are, in fact, in love, but are just being played."

Nineteen-year-old Alsina has been picking up steam since the release of his first official mixtape, The Product, and if the crooner stays true to his unique sound (and swagger), he may just become a mainstay in the world of R&B. We hope Alsina learns a thing or two from music legend R. Kelly, who, in a recent MTV interview, gave advice to young singers aiming for longevity, stating: "Stay true and respectful to music and to the ones that inspired you to do what you do."

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