R. Kelly Adds Top Plea Negotiator To His Legal Team

AllHipHop Staff

R. Kelly may be looking to negotiate a plea deal as he faces hundreds of years in prison for sexual assault.

(AllHipHop News) R. Kelly has hired a veteran defense lawyer who specializes in plea negotiations as he faces a considerable prison term for alleged sexual offenses.

The singer, who is facing 13 counts of alleged sexual abuse with young girls in a multi-state federal case sparked by allegations in docu-series "Surviving R. Kelly," has added Jeffrey Steinback to his team, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"I was brought in as another set of eyes," Steinback told the publication, insisting his new client is not the "monster" he has been portrayed as in the media.

"I did not meet a monster," Steinback says. "I met a man who is hurting... He's done a great deal of good in his life."

Kelly is also facing a racketeering indictment in New York

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Renee Francis
Renee Francis

You make know since be quite, Free the King of R B,he done nothing wrong,STOP watching LIFETIME Dummies, Bless up yourself Robert,we praying for your freedom 🙏🏾


He didn’t go out a harm any woman obviously he into dominance and the women that chooses to be in his life already knew his lifestyle and wanted to be a part of it. Let this icon free and get over it.


I know this man is an ICON but me personally I hope he burns in hell nobody deserves this treatment . He keeps saying he didn’t do it then if he didn’t do it why he keeps sending threats to families. Me personally if this was one of my kids ima get him before the authorities cuz this could have ANYONE OF OUR KIDS. For all those that keep saying leave this man alone . WHAT IF HE HAD UR 13 year old kid I bet u would not feel that way unless ur after money.. this is not about money to me if you ever was a victim it’s about why should I let a grown ass man take my babies virginity even if she’s been grown hitting on him as a REAL MAN he should be man Enugu to say where’s ur father and for all that condone this situation ur just as sick as him for even acknowledging this . 8 ft under is what I got for him but he’s not trying them FLA women like that cuz we’re just as cray as him he got him a Hispanic out of Florida not a black female cuz WE CUT UP DOWN HERE so he knew what to go for cuz we GHETTO ASF.