R. Kelly Had "Loving Relationship" With "Sex Slave" Says Lawyer

AllHipHop Staff

R. Kelly's lawyer has come forward to dismiss claims made by a former "sex slave" who is writing a sordid, tell-all book on the net.

(AllHipHop News) R. Kelly's ex-girlfriend Joycelyn Savage has claimed the singer made her have an abortion at his house because he didn't want the "news breaking out" if she had the procedure at the hospital.

Despite speaking in favor of the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer in docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly," which detailed allegations of sexual abuse against the star, Savage announced she will be sharing her experiences with Kelly in posts on a Patreon page.

After her first post, she alleged Kelly had made her call him "master" or "daddy," Savage, who first met Kelly at a concert in 2015, posted again on Sunday - making more sensational claims about her time living with the star.

In late 2016, Savage "realized I was pregnant by this monster."

“Eventually, I ended up getting an abortion I was forced to get the surgery done at his house,” she wrote. “He didn’t want me going to the hospital because news would break out.”

She also alleged that she had a second abortion in 2018.

In another shocking revelation, Savage recalled when Kelly had strangled her until she passed out after she called him "baby" instead of one of his preferred titles.

“I had bruises around my neck, and I was told by him to wear a turtle neck or a scarf to cover them up whenever he would take me out in public,” she wrote. “I was frightened to tell anyone about this because of what he may do next.”

Savage also claimed that R. Kelly urinated on her multiple times, despite her pleading with him not to.

Responding to Savage's allegations, Kelly's lawyer Steven Greenberg said in a statement to Variety that she is trying "to make money by exploiting her long time, loving relationship with Robert.”

“Obviously if she were to tell the truth no one would pay so she has, unfortunately, chosen to regurgitate the stories and lies told by others for her own personal profit,” he added.

R. Kelly is facing 13 counts of alleged sexual abuse with young girls in a multi-state federal case sparked by "Surviving R. Kelly."

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Now that she know it's over for that nigga, now she wanna come clean... 🤦‍♂️ these hoes...


I'm glad she finally wised up BUT Nobody should feel sorry for her Dumb Ass!!!! When are "ordinary" people going to realize celebrities are NOT God's or Super Heroes!!!