R. Kelly Is Broke Now That His Tour Of Europe Is Canceled

The singer is in desperate need of income.

(AllHipHop News) The bombshell sexual assault charges filed against R. Kelly have ruined his upcoming tour of Europe.

The singer is having trouble coming up with the 10% of his $1,000,000 bail, after being hit with 10 felony counts of sex abuse.

Under the terms of his bail, if he makes it, R. Kelly must surrender his passport and cannot have contact with anyone under 18.

As a result of the conditions, R. Kelly will not be allowed to travel to Europe, where he had highly anticipated shows lined up.

There was so much demand for his show in Germany, that promoters had to book a 9,000-seat arena to fill the demand.

But the tour is officially axed, now that R. Kelly faces 10 felony charges for sexually assaulting a trio of minors and another woman between the years of 1998-2010.

A rep for R. Kelly told Rolling Stone R. Kelly's finances have taken a major hit as his record label has dropped him and concert promoters have canceled bookings.

"This man has lost a lot of income," Don Russell said. "Based on him being dropped from the label, the concerts being canceled - now they've taken his passport so he can't go abroad and generate revenue - he has no income."

R. Kelly has previously maintained his innocence amid decades of sexual misconduct claims, including allegations he has brainwashed women and forced them to join a sex cult.

He managed to scrape together his $100,000 bail and is currently free and preparing a defense.

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If he's still messing with young girl PUT HIM UNDER THE JAIL. But if this is a video from 1992 they need to LEAVE THIS MAN DAFUC ALONE!