R. Kelly Prepays Two Months Worth Of Child Support To Avoid Jail

AllHipHop Staff

The singer appears to be getting things back on track, financially.

(AllHipHop News) R. Kelly has once again prepaid the next two months of his child support in a bid to avoid jail.

The singer spent three days behind bars in Chicago, Illinois in March after skipping a court deadline to settle his debts with ex-wife Andrea Kelly, who claimed she was owed more than $160,000 to help care for their three children.

He was only released from jail after an anonymous donor paid off his debt, but he risked the wrath of prosecutors again in April, after failing to keep up with his last two months of child support payments.

Upon appearing back in court in May, he then surprised his ex by handing over enough funds to cover March, April, and May.

A new hearing was held on the child support issue on Tuesday afternoon, with Kelly's family attorney Lisa Damico appearing in a Chicago court and paying $41,666 on behalf of the singer to cover his June and July's payments to his former spouse.

R. Kelly's slate has yet to be wiped completely clean - as he still owes an outstanding $32,000 bill for interest on the child support payments.