R. Kelly's Alleged Sex Cult Studio To Stay Open Despite 66 Violations

Well, R. Kelly has finally received some good news.

**(AllHipHop News)**R. Kelly's rented studio space in Chicago, Illinois will remain open despite numerous building code violations

The property drew the attention of authorities after it was featured in docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly," which chronicled the decades of sexual misconduct accusations made against the singer.

On the Lifetime series, a number of alleged victims claimed the R&B veteran had been using the location to hold girls and young women captive as part of a purported sex cult - accusations Kelly's lawyers have vehemently denied.

Prosecutors are currently investigating the situation, but in the meantime, Kelly has been hit with legal action from city inspectors at the Chicago Department of Buildings, who issued citations to Kelly for reportedly using the space as a residential property and not obtaining permits to build a sauna, steam room, and bar.

R. Kelly is reportedly facing 66 total violations with fines ranging from $500 to $1,000-a-day until they are resolved.

Kelly has also been ordered to remove his personal items from the premises and can only use the building between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

City officials requested the studio be shut down, but Kelly's attorney, Melvin L. Sims III, argued the violations did not create an emergency situation and they were instead ordered to perform repairs to bring the space up to code.

It's not Kelly's only headache regarding the space - he is also facing eviction after falling behind in his rent payments.

The 52-year-old owes around $174,000 to his landlords in rent and other costs.

He was given until Monday to pay up, or a signed eviction notice would come into effect. It is unclear if he has met the financial obligations.

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A volation ain’t that serious. You can break a rule simply for having a tv cable-wire across the floor lol.. I’m 100% certain that atleast 70% of the building code volations came from the jacuzzi and living space area. He only needs to remove that and his personal items like his clothes, so it looks more like a business. Very easily corrected. Why shut down? 😂 I know y’all hate R. kelly, but this is reaching lol.. His studio don’t have any fire code volations or structural issues that would warrant a shut down.