R. Kelly Says His Life Was Threatened At Concert

Almost a half-hour

after Jay-Z appeared on Hot 97 to discuss R. Kelly’s now infamous abrupt

departure from their Madison Square Garden concert Friday night (Oct. 29), the

singer appeared on the station, with his side of the story.

Kelly dismissed

the notion that he was jealous of Jay-Z and instead, offered a more ominous

reason for the turbulence.

“I was threatened

earlier,” Kelly claimed. “[Somebody said], ‘don’t come

to Madison Square Garden.’ I’ve never been scared of anything but

God, so I came anyway. It was nobody I knew. It happens. I travel with three

kids and a wife of mine. During Jay’s part I saw a dude looking hard at


As he started to

perform, Kelly said he saw two men making motions as if they guns trained on

him. He said the fear of imminent danger and an actual assault forced his show

to falter.

He said that he

refused to come back on stage until his security detail found the people that

appeared to have pointed guns at him.

Kelly revealed

that 40 or more police officers searched the area. After a sweep of the area,

he attempted to perform with Ja Rule, but was pepper sprayed by an unnamed individual

as he approached the stage.

Kelly was taken

to St. Vincent's Hospital where he and two bodyguards had their eyes flushed


“This ain’t

the first time that I been in an audience and somebody makes a messed up gesture

at me,” Kelly clarified. “[But] I became nervous as hell. I was

concerned about my kids and my wife so I went to the dressing room and by that

time the NYPD came and I told them what had happened,” he said.

“I got pepper

sprayed on the way to the stage. It went in my eye. An ambulance came and got

me to the hospital. I ain't never been pepper sprayed in my life. It was in

my eyes, it was in my mouth.” he said.

Kelly said that

he was willing to finish the tour, despite the highly touted collaboration between

the two superstars being one of the worst in recent history.

“There are

always two sides to the story,” Kelly said. “I’m willing to

finish the tour. My eyes are better.”

Kelly also dismissed

the notion that he harbored animosity toward Jay-Z.

“I wasn’t

going to take any chances," Kelly stated. "I apologize to my fans

for the show going left. I love performing and I’m still successful at

it. There is no way that Jay can do better than me. We’re both at the

top of our game. There can be no competing. I expected this to happen here,

because this is his home.”


15 years deep in the business, I know what Jay is at home,” Kelly said

referring to Jay-Z's popularity in New York. “If you guys just take a

minute and go back 15 years, I have never stopped a show. I’m not about

competing with people.”