R. Kelly Sent Off To Jail Over His $161,000 Back Child Support Bill

Unless another fan comes forward, R. Kelly may be spending some time locked up in the Cook County Jail.

(AllHipHop News) Singer R. Kelly is heading back to jail, over his failure to pay over $160,000 in back child support.

A judge in Cook County, Illinois sent the singer back to the slammer for owing his ex-wife Drea Kelly $161,996 in child support.

The singer was supposed to be paying $20,833 each month since January of 2009, but he's allegedly over 8 months behind on the bill.

Earlier in the month, a judge ordered the Chicago native to pay by today (March 6) or he would be locked up.

R. Kelly could not come up with the money so he was placed in handcuffs and led off to the Cook County Jail.

R. Kelly spent a few days behind bars last month after he was hit with 10 felonies for allegedly molesting three teenagers and an adult over the past 20 years.

He finally regained his freedom when a fan of the singer named Valencia Love posted the 10% ($100,000) of his $1 million bond.