R. Kelly "Sex Slave" Parents Go After Blogger Tasha K. Over Fake News

AllHipHop Staff

The blogger at war with Cardi B. has found herself in the crosshairs of the parents of one of R. Kelly's alleged sex slaves, Joycelyn Savage.

(AllHipHop News) An infamous blogger at war with Cardi B could be hauled into court again for talking reckless.

This time, one of R. Kelly's alleged sex slaves' parents are telling Tasha K. to cut the crap in regards to her recent allegations aimed at Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage.

The Savages claim R. Kelly has been holding their daughter Joycelyn hostage as a "sex slave" for years. They took their story public in the critically-acclaimed documentary "Surviving R. Kelly."

Blogger Tasha K. has been weighing in on the controversy surrounding the R. Kelly case, but the Savages say she took it too far when making a variety of serious allegations against them on a variety of her platforms.

Tasha K. maintains the Savages are behind a Patreon account that was publishing stories in the name of their daughter Joycelyn.

Patreon yanked the account earlier this week, due to concerns over the owner's identity.

Tasha K. also posted audio of a conversation she claimed took place between a rep for R. Kelly and Timothy Savage, which supposedly proves he "gave" his daughter away to the imprisoned R&B singer.

According to documents obtained by TMZ.com, The Savages have fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Tasha K.

"They depict our clients as engaging in fraudulent activity that violates civil and criminal law," said The Savages' attorney Gerald Griggs.

The Savages are furious and they are demanding Tasha K. take down all of the posts which they have labeled defamatory in addition to paying the legal costs they have incurred to defend themselves.

Rap star Cardi B. is also engaged in a $1 million legal spat with Tasha K. for making fake news about her.

Tasha K. also has a countersuit against Cardi B., claiming she has been receiving gang-related threats from Cardi's fans which led to emotional distress, anxiety, panic, stress, insomnia, humiliation, and depression.


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