Racists In Philly Attack Meek Mill's Grandmom's House With Neo-Nazi Graffiti

Meek has a message for the cowards.

(AllHipHop News) Could Meek Mill's fight with the criminal just system be turning him into a target for racists?

The rap star recently had to file a police report after his grandmother's home in Philly was spray painted with racist graffiti.

The rap star revealed that someone spray painted the word "ACORN" on the house in South Philly.

According to reports, the word has ties to Neo-Nazis and other fringe groups.

Meek's grandma's house was one of several residences that were vandalized in the neighborhood.

“the crazy part is this was a all black neighborhood 20 years ago It was gentrified and now this! Just don’t let us catch you coward!”

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What is this story. I’m from South Philly I could send you multiple photos of that guy tagging Acorn all of the city. It has nothing to do with him knowing it was Meeks grams house he’s been tagging that for 15 years. What is neo nazie about Acorn anyway I don’t get the false untrue race bating headline. Trying to make a story out of something that isn’t a story