Radio Jock Star Unleashing 'Objective Hate' in 2007


shock jock Star of "Star & Buc Wild" has stamped a February 2007

release date on his autobiographical manifesto, Objective Hate. The

three-part book series will detail his rise to prominence in urban radio, as well

as recount the May

8, 2006, incident that led to him being fired from New York's Power 105.1."'Objective

Hate' is the total belief in one's self with the full understanding of man's

true nature," Star explained in a statement. "Through recognizing the

components of ignorance, Objective Hate presents the total awareness of

self and the constant journey of self-development. It should help you to have

more inner-control and understanding of your own principles."Star

(born Troi Torain) was made famous alongside his radio protégés

Buc Wild (his brother Timothy Joseph), "White Trash Helene," "Chris

the Queer" and producer Miguel Candaleria.After

Star made controversial statements and alleged over-the-air threats against the

family of fellow New York radio rival DJ Envy of Hot 97, Clear Channel cancelled

"The Star & Buc Wild Morning Show" and removed Star, stating that

his comments were "wholly unacceptable."