Raekwon, Paul Wall, Tego Calderon Head To Sierra Leone For VH1 Special

VH1 continues their

"Rock Doc" series with the tentatively titled special, Bling A Planet

Rock, which features rappers Raekwon, Paul Wall and Reggaeton artist Tego Calderon.

The three

artists are in Sierra Leone this week, to hear first hand accounts of people who

have suffered at the hands of the lucrative diamond trade. The

documentary will also focus on how Hip-Hop has played a role in the country's

11-year civil war, which was mostly funded by the illegal trading of conflict

or "blood" diamonds.Raekwon,

Wall and Calderon will visit mining communities and will meet with local musicians,

children and government officials. The

documentary is directed by veteran Raquel Cepeda, who serves as co-producer with

Article 19 Films, in association with VH1 and the United Nations Development Program.Producers

of the documentary hope "Bling: A Planet Rock" educate Americans about

conflict diamonds and bring global awareness to the issue.The

country was once a major exporter of slaves during the Transatlantic Slave Trade

in the 1700's, until the capital of Freetown was founded in 1792 as a haven for

African-American's who had fought for Britons during the American Revolutionary

war. Yesterday

(July 12), Sierra Leone government officials signed a Tripartite agreement for

agricultural assistance as the government attempts to reestablish authority over

the country, after the civil war caused tens of thousands of deaths and displaced

over 2 million people, or one-third of the impoverished country's population.The

program aims to secure the country's water, diversify food production and help

increase crop production. In

March, Charles Taylor, former president of neighboring country Liberia, was indicted

by the International Criminal Court for his role in allegedly helping to contribue

the brutal civil war. Taylor

is currently in prison awaiting trial in The Hague court, located in the Netherlands,

for war crimes in both Liberia and Sierra Leone. Experts

hope Taylor's arrest and trial will bring stability to the African coastal countries.