Raekwon Predicts Another Dope Wu Tang Album

Can Wu Kill Another CD?

Many folks were left disappointed when Wu Tang Clan dropped A Better Tomorrow.

On the other side, Raekwon has experienced sustained resurgence as a solo artist. The Staten Island representer revealed he believe the crew can make a collective comeback.

“Wu-Tang, like we always told you, it’s going to be forever,” Raekwon told Billboard magazine. “Wu-Tang will make another fucking dope album again. I have no doubts and no questions about that.” According to The Chef, the only thing that would stand in their way is the business aspect of recording again. “I think dudes just want to make sure that our business is perfect and we can go on and still do what we love to do,” he said.

Raekwon’s F.I.L.A. is out in stores now.

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