Rah Digga Denies Reports She Is Reuniting With Flipmode Squad

Former Flipmode Squad first lady Rah Digga has come forward to dispel rumors that the celebrated crew was reuniting.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced stating that Rampage, Rah Digga, Baby Sham and Spliff Star had reunited as the Famous Millionaire Squad (FMS) and that Busta Rhymes was ousted from the crew.

Rapper Rah Digga denied that she was reuniting with the rap collective and has no immediate plans to rejoin the Flipmode Squad, or FMS.

"I left Flipmode almost a year ago so that whole story is ridiculous," Rah Digga told AllHipHop.com. "I would consider doing another squad album for the right price, because I still got love for my dudes and we made some hot records together."

Rah Digga signed with Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Entertainment in 1997 and made several high profile appearances on albums by The Fugees, Busta Rhymes and The Flipmode Squad and others.

She released her solo debut Dirty Harriet in 2000, but parted ways with Flipmode Entertainment in March of 2007, after her sophomore album was repeatedly delayed and never released.

While she is not opposed to recording another album with The Flipmode Squad, Rah Digga still denied that she was part of the new group Famous Millionaire Squad.

"It’s definitely not in my immediate future and it definitely won't be called The Famous Millionaires," Rah Digga told AllHipHop.com.