Rah Digga Leaves Flipmode Squad, Talks Acting, Rumors


New Jersey rapper Rah Digga has officially departed from Busta Rhymes' Flipmode

Squad to pursue other business ventures. The

former first lady of Flipmode, Rah Digga first signed with Flipmode a decade ago

and has only released one solo album since. Her

debut album, Dirty Harriet, was released in 2000 and was followed by several

mixtape appearances, but another album never materialized. “We’ve

been together for damn near a decade and I haven’t had any success you know,

coming out with a follow up album and I just felt like it was time to move on

and make different decisions,” Rah Digga told AllHipHop.com. “We are

at this stage, Flipmode as a crew, everyone’s been pretty much focused on

their own endeavors. Busta’s doing his thing on Aftermath. I mean it was

already established before he even got down with Aftermath, it wasn’t gonna

be a Flipmode movement over there.” Although

Rah Digga’s mixtape appearances were an excellent way of keeping her name

alive in the industry, it was no match to having another solo album released.


was working on my album at J Records that was supposed to be released in 2003

and then s**t went awry with them, so after that I was just pretty much keeping

my buzz going in the mixtape circuit. After awhile, I just got a little tired

of that. I felt like I was just giving away rhymes and doing whole albums and

not making a dime from it,” Rah Digga said.During

her ten years as a member of the Flipmode Squad, Rah Digga went on to tackle other

ventures including acting. In

2001, Rah Digga appeared in the horror movie Thirteen Ghosts and the MTV

musical Carmen: A Hip-Hopera. Rah

Digga has continued to showcase her talents as an actress and later this year

she will star in two films that begin filming in April and October. “I

have one [film] going straight to DVD that’s gonna film in April, between

April and May,” Rah Digga told AllHipHop.com. “I’m gonna be playing

an FBI agent. The premise of the film is it’s kind of like one of those Training

Day flicks where you got crooked cops and it revolves around these group of

drug dealers in anybody’s hood and in the process of them getting ran down

on, an FBI agent accidentally gets killed.” Rah

Digga also cleared up a rumor that she has joined an all female rap group being

formed by Remy Ma, Shawnna and Jacki-O. “Both

Remi and Shawnna is my peoples and we all represent the Murda Mami’s [female coalition] together, but that doesn’t have anything to do with me leaving

the Flipmode,” Rah Digga told AllHipHop.com. “What I gather from a lot

of blogging and stuff that I read [is] people are wondering why I didn’t

join the group, being that we all represent Murda Mami’s, but that’s

not anything of interest to me. They just my peoples.” Despite

the label drama and her pursuit of acting, Rah Digga has not forgotten about rapping.During

the next few weeks, she will be holding a competition on her website, www.rahdiggamusic.com,

to find an artist to appear on her upcoming mixtape. Rah

Digga's next album is titled Sucker Free and will be released exclusively

via iTunes this summer.