Rah Digga Leaves J Records, Find New Home

As expected, Rah Digga has again displayed her loyalty to Busta Rhymes and his Flipmode squad and has left J Records for what she hopes will be greener pastures.

But she said the decision to leave wasn’t one she wanted, but one she had to for her career and livelihood.

“I just saw that [the album delays] were a prelude of more problems to come. An artist like myself who waited four years to drop the next record just didn’t need those kinds of problems,” Digga told AllHipHop.com “It’s almost a blessing.”

In 2000, Rah Digga dropped her acclaimed album Dirty Harriet to rave reviews and, as the only female in the Flipmode Squad, she excelled as a lyricist. Earlier in her career, her talents were showcased with The Outsiderz, the Fugees and Flipmode’s Imperial Album.

Digga said her abrupt exit from J wouldn’t stop her highly anticipated sophomore album, Everything Is A Story, from coming out.

“The album is done. I am in the process of negotiating my next home, which I am going to keep under wraps for right now, but I am definitely in a much better place,” she finished. Busta Rhymes has already signed with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath, but Digga wouldn’t reveal if she was following him there.

Husband Young Zee, Busta Rhymes and Flipmode are expected to appear on Everything Is A Story, but a new release date wasn’t available at press time.