Rah Digga Making Moves

Rah Digga is always prepared

to rock the microphone. The phenomenal, highly acclaimed rap

artist is on a one-way trip to the top and no one can stop


Since the beginning

of her career - she was lacing brilliant rhymes on Busta Rhymes'

Flip Mode Squad projects - Rah Digga's lyrical prowess and

distinguished style not only put her in a different category

from all other female MCs, but she also gave male MCs a run

for their money. And when her solo debut album, Dirty Harriet

was released, Rah Digga took hip-hop to a whole other level:

With her impeccable use of wordplay, in combination with off-the-meter,

body-jerking beats, Dirty Harriet had the honed-down expertise

and handiness of a veteran.

The chart topping,

scorching single ``Imperial'' (feat. Busta Rhymes) was a dynamic

and hypnotic song that placed Rah Digga on the elite side

of the hip-hop map. And now, as Rah Digga prepares to let

loose - she did a Tommy Hilfiger ad that was launched worldwide,

is in a made-for-MTV film and is starring in her first blockbuster

film - the rest of the world will finally see what movie executives

and others in-the-know have been buzzing about for months.

Her compelling

beauty, along with an eager boldness is what has made Rah

Digga the person to look out for in the new millennium. The

recent success of the Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign (both on

radio and television) has opened wonderful doors: Come October,

you will experience first-hand the flair of this rising superstar.

Starring in Joe Silver's (producer of The Matrix) new $40

million film, 13 Ghosts, Rah Digga is on the verge of going

from indie fare to mainstream glare. But you won't have to

wait until then to catch a glimpse of her fierceness.

On May 8th, Rah

Digga premiered in MTV's Hip Hopera: Carmen. In updating Georges

Bizet's tragic opera Carmen, MTV revised the repertoire favorite

that left Parisian audiences stunned and appalled when it

first hit the stage in 1875. Taken from Frenchman Prosper

Merimee's 1845 novella, Bizet's opera advises against the

perils of seduction, revealing the story of an openhearted

gypsy temptress who eventually gets killed by her overly possessive

boyfriend (played by Beyonce and Mekhi Phifer, respectively).

With a mixture of modern hip-hop beats, rhymes and great production,

the film (directed by Robert Townsend) will be noted as an

MTV classic.

A street-smart

and clever gal from Newark, New Jersey, who attended private

school as a child, Rah Digga brings skill and diversity to

all of her projects. And she knows how to win people over

not just with her superb talent, but also with her charisma.

Prior to the release of her debut album, Rah Digga went on

tour with the multi-platinum Ruff Ryders; the exposure that

came out of this tour broadened her audience magnificently.

Yet, that was only the beginning. Since the release of Dirty

Harriet, this multi-dimensional woman has been working diligently,

performing both in the States and overseas. To say the least,

her promotional tour was a grand success.

Rah Digga will

soon become the first hip-hop artist to host and executive

produce her very own Internet show. Such buzzworthy stars

as Pink, Eve, Beyonce and Busta Rhymes have already made arrangements

to appear on the first four shows.

And even though

the big screen continues to welcome more of this refreshing

talent (she is currently being considered for two additional

roles), music will forever be her passion. You can check her

out on some new soundtracks and compilations: Carmen, Rush

Hour 2, Dr. Doolittle 2 and Violator. Asked if the movie industry

will take away from her lyrical capabilities, she will immediately

respond: ``My rhyme talent has not been altered. I will fuck

you up on the microphone in a battle...I have to stay hungry

and stay working; if you slip lyrically, then it's all over

for you. You got to always maintain the element people loved

you for in the first place.''