Rahzel On 'Greatest Knockouts' Tour

The self proclaimed "Godfather of Noyze,"

Rahzel, recently embarked on "The Greatest Knockouts World Tour,"

a 19 outing with Rocksteady Crew member DJ JS-1 to showcase his beatboxing and

sound effect abilities and support to support a mixtape of collaborations and

performances around the world.

Greatest Knockouts Vol.1 features a brand new

track that features rapper Tonedeff impersonating Snoop Dogg, while Rahzel recreates

the music by beatboxing.

The tour kicked off March 28 in San Francisco

and will come to a close in New York City.

" I want to bridge the gap among various

musical genres," Rahzel said. "I want the beat box to be respected

as a true art form."

Rahzel, who had an early introduction to hip-hop

through his cousin Rahim of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 fame, also carried

records and opened for Kool Keith's pioneering group, Ultramagnetic MC's.

“In every important phase of hiphop, I

was there, absorbing everything that was going on,” he continued.

4/5 - Fort Collins, CO

4/6 - Boulder, CO

4/7 - Colorado Springs, CO

4/8 - fly to Vancouver

4/9 - Vancouver (2 shows)

4/10 - Eugene, Oregon

4/11 - Ashland, Oregon

4/12 - Petaluma, CA

4/13 - Lake Tahoe, Nevada

4/14 - San Jose, CA

4/15 - NYC