Raider and Yukmouth's Smoke-A-Thon Banned from Hip-Hop Sites

AllHipHop Staff

A viral marijuana smoking contest featuring Yukmouth and Raider's running back Justin Fargas has been shut down across the web.

The clip showcases Yukmouth and Fargas at an undisclosed home explaining the rules for this weekend's "Smoke-A-Thon" contest, which is scheduled to primarily showcase rappers competing against each other.

Although Fargas was not shown smoking marijuana or handling any drug paraphernalia, the Raider could still face disciplinary action from the NFL.

According to the league's drug program, players can be fined or suspended even for "behavioral" or "psychological signs" of drug violations.

Possibly anticipating this, Yukmouth made a point to declare during the video that Fargas does not smoke marijuana.

Justin Fargas, the son of Huggy Bear ("Starsky and Hutch") actor Antonio Fargas, has been with the Raiders since 2003.

For the last 3 years, the California native has also been the team's leading rusher.

Yukmouth, who is also the CEO of the Rap-A-Lot distributed Smoke-A-Lot Records, is preparing this month to release his fifth studio album, The West Coast Don.

The album is set to host guest appearances from T-Pain, Ray J, Mistah F.A.B., Dru Drown and C-Bo.

To date, the NFL is declining to speak on the matter, and will not elaborate on if they took any action to have the video removed.

At press time, Justin Fargas could not be reached for comment.