Ralo Says Feds Are Unfairly Targeting His Family In New Interview

AllHipHop Staff

Ralo is speaking out against his arrest for allegedly trying to smuggle over $2 million worth of weed.

(AllHipHop News) Ralo remains behind bars after being accused of trying to smuggle almost $2 million worth of marijuana on a private jet.

The rap star gave a jailhouse interview, where he reasserted his innocence and claimed the Feds were unfairly targeting him.

"I feel like they kind of wrongfully targeted me," Ralo said during a new interview.

In December of 2017, cops seized over 500 pounds of marijuana worth $1 million from a vehicle near the Fulton County Airport.

Prosecutors also caught Ralo redhanded in a different shipment, where over 444 pounds of pot worth $840,000 was found on a jet, where K9 dogs had to be sent in order to get the rap star to de-board the plane.

The cops are currently looking to confiscate 20 apartment units and five other properties the 23-year-old acquired.

The feds are also after Ralo's two Lamborghinis, a Corvette, two Dodge Chargers and four other vehicles.

“No drugs were ever sold out of my apartment complex," he said. "All the cars were stuff that I bought. None of it was for me. That was for my family. They took my family’s cars. I save my money, I put my money into real estate, I put my money into my people.”

Ralo has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges but he is being held without bail.

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#DUMB & DUMBER! Either Be a CRIMINAL or go straight & be an Entertainer, you CAN'T DO BOTH!


When keeping it real goes bad. I hope he got some of the cash stashed somewhere.