Random House Suing P. Diddy Over Autobiography

Random House Inc.

is reportedly suing rap mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs for not paying

back a $300,000 advance on an autobiography the hip-hop star never completed.

The publisher alleges

that Combs and his Bad Boy company "kept the money they never rightfully

earned," according to papers filed Monday (Feb. 14) in a New York state

Supreme Court, the Associated Press reported.

In addition to

the advance returned, Random House is also seeking additional interest. The

publishing company claims that Combs signed a contract under their Ballantine

imprint in 1998 for the purpose of writing his memoirs, which were supposed

to be given to Random the following year.

"Random House

has seldom resorted to a legal course of action with its prospective authors

who don't write the books we have contracted for, but Mr. Sean Combs has left

us no choice," the publisher said in a statement. "We now have waited

for over five years and have received neither the manuscript nor the return

of the money we advanced Mr. Combs."

Combs' publicist,

Rob Shuter, cites the lawsuit as a simple misunderstanding between the two parties.

Shuter said Bad Boy hopes to settle the matter without resorting to legal proceedings.

"We anticipate that this will be resolved quickly," said Shuter.

After signing with

Random House in 1998, Combs arranged to work with Mikal Gilmore, a contributing

editor to Rolling Stone, according to court papers.

As Combs' deadline

to complete the manuscript by Dec. 15, 1999 passed, papers state that Random

House began notifying the hip-hop impresario,

informing him that he had breached the contract and requesting the money back.

Court papers further

claim that the publisher sent numerous follow-up letters throughout the years.