Randy Jackson Begins Search for America's Best Dance Crew

American Idol judge Randy Jackson is leading the search to find the most talented hip-hop dance crew in America.

The television personality’s new MTV reality show, Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew is a live weekly competition centering on top hip-hop dance crews from around the country, who will audition for their "one shot" to come to Los Angeles to compete for dance supremacy, a cash prize and touring contract.

Each dance crew will consist of five to seven members.

The show, which is shot on location in Los Angeles, will allow viewers to see competing crews rehearse and demonstrate their choreography and skills as their life stories and personal drama unfold.

For Jackson, who serves as an executive producer on America’s Best Dance Crew, the show provided an opportunity to put his talents to work with MTV.

"I have always wanted to do something with MTV," he revealed. "MTV has the biggest voice especially as it relates to music, dance and entertainment. I'm happy to be joining with them on this show - it's the hottest show, finding the best dance crews in America. The show is going to be blazing hot 'cause that's the way the Dawg always does it - hot!"

Each live performance episode will tap into the crews' emotions, spirit and inspiration as viewers will vote for their favorite crews via text messaging, online and by phone.

One crew will be eliminated each week until the nation's best dance crew is named.

"Together with Randy Jackson, we are setting the stage for dance teams nationwide to finally show their stuff. Dynamic, energetic and physical, we are giving them the chance to push the envelope of choreography, challenge themselves and their competitors, and truly showcase to the world the power, skill and beauty of group dance," added Tony DiSanto, Executive Vice President of Series Development and Programming."

Open casting calls are underway for USA dance crews 18 years of age and older.

Live auditions, which begin Dec. 4 in Atlanta, will be held Dec. 6 in Chicago, Dec. 8 in New York and Dec. 11 in Los Angeles.

Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew is scheduled to air in January 2008 on MTV.

For details on the show, visit http://it www.myspace.com/castingthecrew