Rap Boss 'Baby' Says Cash Money Planning Six New Albums

AllHipHop Staff

Cash Money Records and Lil’ Wayne’s offshoot imprint, Young Money Entertainment, are staging a virtual coup on the industry this fall.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop.com, Cash Money’s co-founder Bryan “Baby” Williams revealed the label’s combined roster will release up to six albums between September and October of this year.

Leading off the assault will be Hip-Hop’s newest star, Drake, who officially joined the Young Money roster in late June.

“We’re putting out five albums, we gonna do a blow out,” Bryan “Baby” Williams told AllHipHop.com. “Drake album, my album, Young Money, Wayne album. We gon’ put ‘em all out in one month, September going into October. G. Malone and 2 Pistol probably come out in between all of that.”

In order to fit his fourth solo effort, Always Strapped, into the line up, Baby had to forgo his original August 11th release date.

“I thought it would be something I wanted to do, just to get us all at the same time,” he explained. “And it’s just coincidence that all our songs popped off at the same time [since] some of them been out longer than others.”

While he added that the final order of the releases was still pending, Baby was certain that Young Money’s compilation album will be released on the same day as Lil’ Wayne’s next solo effort.

What he did not specify, however, was whether the album in question would be the elusive Rebirth, which has been pushed back several times since Wayne announced the non-traditional, rock-influenced project.

Asked whether he is concerned that the Young Money movement, which boasts buzzworthy artists Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj and Jae Millz as part of the roster could take away from Cash Money’s legacy, Baby responded that it would be impossible. He views Wayne’s imprint as a continuation of the work he and brother Ronald “Slim” Williams started with Cash Money in 1991.

“We one,” he shared. “I’m so proud of my son and what he doing. We the machine behind the brand. I wanna see it big as possible. I want my son to do better than what I done. That was the plan. That’s why he took over. The bigger he is, the bigger we is. I wouldn’t be a father, I wouldn’t be a business partner, I don’t even think I’d be a man if wouldn’t accept whatever goes on with my child.”

There’s one more reason why Baby is grateful to the energy Wayne and his cohorts have brought back to the game. He credits his “son” and the artists around them for his continued longevity as an artist because they keep him “feeling young.”

“My son makes it luxury for me,” Baby added. “I can do this till I [don ’t] feel like it. I’m always moving to something else. Just cuz I do this don’t mean I don’t do that. I multi-task. But with me doing the rap thing, I do it cuz I love it. I love being on the road. But that’s just one part of the hustle baby. We into everything. It’s all about growing. For us to grow, Young Money gotta grow and everybody that’s attached to us. We want to be the best that ever did it.”

Check back next week for AllHipHop.com’s full interview with Baby.