Rap Community Organizes Fundraiser For Professor Griff

Members of Houston's Hip-Hop community have organized an upcoming fundraiser in support of Public Enemy's Professor Griff, who recently lost an estimated 90% of his belongings following a home fire at his newly purchased home in Atlanta.

A community reception will be held on Wednesday April 30 at Beacoup Wings n Wings, located at 3511 Elgin Street from 5-8 pm.

Though admission to the event is free, attendees are being asked to bring their donations for Professor Griff and his family.

On February 10, Griff, born Richard Griffin was en route to a speaking engagement in Long Island, New York, when he received word that his new home in Atlanta's West End had been partially destroyed by a fire.

According to reports, his family had transferred the majority of their belongings to the new home, but had delayed plans to move into the new home, after detecting a strong gas odor in the areas immediately surrounding the garage.

Atlanta Gas and Light dispatched a technician to the residence, where natural gas service had been temporarily discontinued, to allow for the replacement of a gas meter, just two days before.

The technician, who was also assigned the task of resuming service, failed to detect any alarming odor and proceeded to light the water heater at the home, causing an explosion.

He suffered mild injuries and was transported to a local hospital.

The home sustained considerable damage, including the loss of Professor Griff's vast music and literary collection, comprising of over 3,000 books, cds and vinyl records.

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