Rap Label Clout Records Signs Major Deal with EMI

Dallas-based independent rap label Clout Records has aligned with EMI, as part of a new national distribution deal.

The move represents a new chapter for Clout Records, which has been in operation for almost three years.

According to the label’s CEO Corey Cleghorn, EMI’s track record with various record labels as well as long-term financial gain and artist exposure proved to be the best option to take.

"Even though we are not getting advanced a lot of up front money, we receive 75 percent of all of our sales and own our masters," Cleghorn told AllHipHop.com. "This type of deal doesn’t happen much these days especially direct to a major distributor. This means our artists and producers will be well paid."

Clout’s reputation around the Dallas area garnered attention from EMI.

The two companies eventually came together after EMI Urban music head Jesse Flores traveled to Dallas for a three day visit arranged by Billy Bowles, a former EMI executive.

"The situation is perfect for our company because EMI seems prepared to let us build our brand, keep creative control, be aggressive by quickly releasing our upcoming projects, and help us take our Dallas style global."

"When it comes to the rap genre it is crucial to have your hometown behind you 100 percent; Corey and his team have proven to me that they have the Dallas market on lock," stated Flores, who expressed EMI’s excitement over the new partnership. "The Clout brand means something in Texas and I look forward to helping them extend their reach to other markets the way other successful Indie rap labels have in the past."

Although national distribution allows for a greater presence outside of Dallas, Cleghorn admits it will be a challenge to find success on a grander scale.

Most recently, the label has enjoyed local success with "Hit the Floor," a recent single from it’s 18-year-old artist, Lil Prince.

"This is a very big challenge for me but I’m confident that with a little budget support and the professionals I already work with we can make a major impact," said Cleghorn. "Because of the support of our city and our fans in other cities we have a chance to be successful and make Dallas very proud."

EMI and Clout Records are currently preparing to for the release of Clout Cartel’s Changing The Game as well as Clout's Compilation and DVD Documentary.

Lil Prince’s album, Young and the Wreckless, which is slated to hit stores on Sept. 25.